Who Am I?

My name is Benjamin Stein, and I want to be a Biologist. Ever since I was a little child, animals and ecosystems have fascinated me, whether reading facts in books, hunting for woodlice in the school playground, or visiting the zoos and aquariums around Britain. In my earlier years, I had a particular love for ‘bugs’, as we called them at the tender age of nine, and my first pet was a Davus Pentalore, or a Tiger-Rump Tarantula.

Dave, my pet tartantula when I was four.

As I’ve grown, I still have my love for invertebrates and other animals, scaly and fluffy, but in particular I have developed an interest in marine life. I was attracted to this field by it’s alien nature, and how strange and different it was to the life we were used to seeing around us. Best of all, I didn’t need to go to Africa or South America to witness it first hand. A myriad of bizarre animals and plants exist in ponds and rivers all across the country.

Now, with my higher education and career fast approaching, I am creating this blog to record my journey towards becoming a Marine Ecologist, and everything I learn while trying. I hope you enjoy it.

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