British Biology Olympiad

I recently took part in the British Biology Olympiad, a two hour multiple choice exam for those in the country who are extremely interested in Biology, or fancy themselves a bit of a genius. While I make no claims to being in any way a genius, I do quite like Biology, so I made an attempt in the 2016 event. It was an incredibly difficult paper, and I felt good whenever I understood a question, let alone answered in correctly. There was a wide range of areas, testing all facets of biological knowledge, most of which I have never heard of, and so I am still proud to say I achieved the grade of Highly Commended, slightly below actually doing well in the paper. To those off you who came at the top of the country, and will be heading of to Vietnam for the International Biology Olympiad, I am amazed that you could possibly comprehend all of that knowledge. Good luck, and do Britain proud. I look forward to next years event. With some practise I hope to get a Bronze or Silver award.


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