Marine Biologist for a Day

Monica and I pose for a picture at the end of the day.

My time at the London Aquarium, experiencing the life of a Marine Biologist, was one of the most amazing and wonderful things that I have done in my life. I spent time feeding rays and turtles, dissecting squids, chumming sharks and finding baby rays. It was a fun learning experience, where I got to talk to real people who had taken the same path in life that I want to take myself, and I really got an insight into the different university choices and career paths that would become available to me.

In particular I would like to thank Monica, who guided me through the day, and was kind, helpful and supportive throughout. She taught me a lot about the inhabitants of London Aquarium, diving and careers in Marine Biology, and was a real inspiration for the kind of life I want to lead. If you are reading this Monica, thank you for everything you did that day.

If you are interested in the Marine Biologist for a day course then click here to learn more about it. It was astounding and I recommend it utterly. Places seem readily available, so there’s no better time to get stuck into Marine Biology.

If you want to learn about a Sea Life Centre near you just follow this link. Sea Life run some really amazing aquariums across the globe, and it can be a really magical experience to visit them.

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