Invasive Species, Coral Seaview Survey, Evolution of the Brain, A New Virtual Reality

An Inside Science podcast I listened to today really caught my attention, as it contained a number of interesting topics that I hold close to my heart. The talk about invasive species, such as New Zealand Pygmyweed that I often see in ponds, interested me, since I had never thought about the benefits of introduced species that we label with the term ‘invasive’. I am extremely interested in the preservation of coral reefs, as they are such diverse areas of life. I will definitely visit the new exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London, and recommend that others do the same. The evolution of the brain has been something that I have had some confusion about for quite a while, and these new insights into our most valuable organ has got me thinking about how different forms of life may use different ways of controlling their bodies, outside of communication. You can listen to the program here, and book tickets to the Secret Cities of the Sea exhibition here. To see my experience at this exhibit, click here.

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